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Fallout Records is closed as of 2/8/2003 ... but the spirit of Fallout was celebrated heartily at two jam-packed star-studded shows at Zak's 5th Avenue Saloon in the following weeks! About 16 of our favorite bands played. Thanks again to everyone who showed up!

Thanks also to whose who came down in our last weeks to see us off in style, and also to those who saw our last in-store ever on Saturday, February 1st! American Death Ray played a long, loud and swingin' set, followed by the rockin' Deadly Weapons and topped off with a few songs from pre-teen wonders The Wild Hairs. It was great to see so many of you there. And no police intervention!! Photos of the bands are available by clicking on the band names - and here's a shot taken from the street outside. (You shoulda seen how packed it was inside the store!!).

Last In-Store Crowd at Fallout

Below is an excerpt from our original announcement about the store's closing. See also our links page for some write-ups in the local press. Thanks go out to so many of you who have shared your sympathy and support with us - it means more than we can say.

Dear friends,

I'm so sad and sorry to say that Fallout Records will be closing its doors after almost 19 years. Since 1984 we've thrived on providing the public with truly independent, original music, art, and literature. A few things have contributed to this decision. One huge factor, of course, is the economy. Another is the complaints from tenants in the apartments across the street (who have already closed Jak's, then the Continental) about our all ages in-stores, and the utter lack of support we've seen (on many levels) from the local police. These in-stores were an enormous part of what Fallout's about. We were soooo pleased to show the community, especially the kids, bands who would normally only play bars. From the true soul grit of Andre Williams to the free jazz of Wally Shoup Trio to the true punk pioneers The Real Kids to noise mongrels Destroy All Monsters and Psychic TV to the intensely emo 764-HERO to no wave new wavers the A-Frames and the Cripples to the now world-dominating White Stripes, and I could go on & on of the other bands that have blessed us with their presence. We are forever grateful.

We're truly thankful for your support and patronage over the years. I can't express how much we (sob) care about everyone who has given us amazing music, writing, and art, and the people who have spent their hard-earned dollars on independently-produced products. Hopefully that spirit will live on in some other form.

We're sorry, and we'll truly, truly miss you all....


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